16 September 2010

Menswear Mouse Toy ( D.I.Y)


Tools and Materials
1. Assorted menswear fabrics (such as wool suiting, cotton shirting, corduroy, and cotton velvet)
2. Iron
3. Fusible webbing
4. Sewing machine and sewing supplies
5. Loop turner
6. Fill
7. Embroidery floss
8. Embroidery needle
9. Mouse Template

Treat a kitty to a game of cat and mouse with a few dapper toys. There's no mistaking these critters for the real thing -- they're constructed from brightly colored suiting and shirting fabric.

Step 1 - Cut Out Body Pieces

Print the pattern pieces, and cut out. Using the pattern as a guide, cut out 1 bottom piece and 1 side piece from the same or different fabric. Flip pattern, and cut out another side piece. For a tail, cut a 1-by-4-inch strip on the bias. For ears, adhere 2 different fabrics together using iron and fusible webbing, following manufacturer's instructions. Using pattern, cut out ears from fused fabric.

Step 2 - Make Tail and Body

Fold tail in half lengthwise, right sides facing; stitch with a 1/4-inch seam allowance, leaving ends open. Turn tail right side out using loop turner. Pin body pieces together, right sides facing; stitch with a 1/4-inch seam allowance, leaving a 1-inch opening at the back.Step 3 - Stuff and Assemble Mouse

Turn body right side out, and stuff with fill. Insert tail into opening; slip-stitch closed. Knot end of tail.

Step 4 - Add Ears and Features

Fold ears in half, and attach to body with small hand stitches. Mark placement of eyes with pins, and then embroider eyes and nose using backstitches.

jom like!! =D


  1. Awwww these are just so so cute!!! Wonderful! I'm not much good with arts and crafts so me and Charlie salute anyone able to make these! Awww!

    Take care

  2. wahh comelnya..

    tapi klau buat ni blum tentu jadik sbb mmg jenis tak kreatif lgsg, harap beli jelah huhuu

  3. menariknya..
    jom kita try :)

  4. teringin nak try. Kain sape la i nak rembat nih... hihihi

  5. hahaha...dh try buat
    gemox semacam saja sbb byk letak kapas :p

  6. @m.q

    wah...rajin nyer...nanti2 nak try buat gak la..


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