07 November 2010


credit to SHIANNE

Ingredients :
  1. one peeled banana mushed
  2. half an apple, grated
  3. half a carrot, grated
  4. 3/4 cup finely diced broccoli
  5. half a yam, baked and mushed
  6. 2 hard boiled eggs, mushed
  7. 130g white fish, boiled and mushed
  8. 250g lean beef mince
  9. 500g chinken mince
  10. 100g organic yogurt
  11. 100g cheddar cheese grated
All the ingredients are prepared and added to a big metal bowl for mixing.
After everything is well mixed in, mixture is cubed in ice trays.
Leave the tray in freezer for half a day, then pop them out. Store them in a well sealed box.
Before feeding, leave the frozen cube in the fridge for an hour to defrost
Then, leave out for 10-15 minutes to warm up to room temperature.

jom like!! =D


  1. Tak masak dulu ke?

    * tak berani nak kasi kucing kak e makan yang tak masak terutam Chiku yang berpenyakit tu :(

  2. lin tau jugak pasal barf nie.
    tapie tak pernah nak buat.
    macam daging burger pon ada.

  3. @umi_e

    kalau kite nak wat kite kene rebus dulu la mcm tue ek.. =p

  4. @Misz Pinkie Winkie

    try la buat..kite pon xbuat jerk..bile ade mase baru buat...hehe...

  5. BARF means raw food. Mmg tak masak :) the best for pets actually.. DC ada lg 1 resipi simple BARF - Fish Ball or Meat Ball Terat


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