25 January 2011

Lets meet all the cat bloggers around the world!!!

Freya Cat had created a map where everyone can mark where they’re from and can see other cat bloggers who are near to you!!!
Here’s the instructions how to add your blog! Lets meet all the cat bloggers!!!

  • If you’re not listed, click on Additions, and then click Add Marker - Detailed(see below)
  • Enter your Blog Name and Location.
  • Click on the Details tab, and enter your blog address or your website and any other details you'd like.
  • Click SUBMIT button to submit your blog.
  • You can leave your details in the comments and I can help add yours.
My Blog had been added to maps!!!

jom like!! =D


  1. yeay.. i wanna add Heebum's blog too.. hehe :D
    thank you for the indo

  2. Hi! Thanks for this - will visit the link and must say hello to Freya too! Yay!!

    hope you are all ok at Sharz and Cats! Take care

  3. @Han.Nee.Saa

    no problem..will find heebum location later..

    sharing is caring.. =)

  4. tq for sharing.. dah add :)


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