18 March 2011

Maru After the Earthquake in Japan

MARU si budak kotak..
jom bace sikit pasal MARU lepas gempa bumi..
sumber dari lovemeow..
kalau nak bace lebih lanjut pasal MARU leh dtg SINI (gune google chrome leh translate dari jepun ke english)
berita ini dicopy & paste je.. =p

Maru shared with us that the damage is small in the area he is in. He has quickly returned back to his normal self.

Maru received a lot of messages and emails right after the earthquake hit Japan. He thanks everyone for caring and worrying about him. Maru regained his appetite very quickly. Overall, he is doing well.

This is not the first time that Maru experiences earthquakes. He is dealing with it with calmness and is not afraid at all.

Maru received a lot of prayers and encouragement to Japan and the people there. He is not able to show all those wonderful messages to us, so he has opened up a post where you can send prayers to Japan and all the victims of this devastation.

tak padan badan besar nak jugak masuk dalam kotak kecik tue..
MARU MARU...haaiisshhh..

p/s : sorry lame tak upload gambar budak-budak..tengah kumpul cerita nie.. =p

jom like!! =D


  1. Maru is so cute! Pity that small box. purrr....meow!

  2. comelnyaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa gemuk ni !!! ehhhhh tgk lah badan besa pun nak masuk kotak. apa nak jadi lah maru ni T_____T

  3. comel kan si gumuks neh.kalau dapat..picit2 sampai penyet!

  4. alhamdulillah...

    suka btl ngan budak Maru nih :D


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