05 September 2011

Ade sesiapa yang cari kucing yang dihantar ke Petknode???

credit to: AnimalCare

Will the owners of these three cats please contact AnimalCare at or Wani at

These cats were found to be emaciated when they were rescued on 4th September from the boarding house in Damansara Damai. They are currently warded at a pet hospital in PJ and we are looking for their owners.

Please help forward this link and pictures.

(Photos courtesy of Maslinda)

My guess is, they could have bitten off their fur out of desperation and frustration as they were trapped without food and water for more than a week.

One was found in a dying condition and was immediately put on drips - she was then able to stand up and mew. The other two were given subcutaneous fluids.

All three are still warded and under treatment.

We appeal to the owners to contact us as soon as possible.

p/s: harap-harap tuan punye kucing dapat cam dorang lagi sebab berbeza sangat keadaan dorang sekarang nie.. =(

jom like!! =D


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