30 September 2011

Exclusive Places : World’s First 7-Star Pet Resort at Dubai

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Being branded as the ultimate luxury pet destination, this hotel has been custom built for four legged friends. They offer suites for 70 dogs and 40 cats and promises to take perfect care of them while their owners are away.

It has plasma TVs in all of the dog suites to ensure they don’t get homesick by playing sounds that remind them of home.
Their facilities Include indoor and outdoor gyms, an outdoor swimming pool, a Doggie Boot camp, pet limos and pet relocation.
There are webcams set up all over the resort, and owners can log on at any time and check up on their beloved pets to see how they’re being treated.

Prices start from $31 for the Junior Suite, with the slightly larger Deluxe and Urban Suites costing $37 and $39 respectively.
The top-of-the-range Royal Suite would set a pet owner back $105 per night, with a personal butler and pick-up and delivery in the “pet limo” included.

p/s : hotel untuk manusia ade tak sampai 7-star hotel ek??

jom like!! =D


  1. Hi Shaz & Adik Moja,

    Wah! best la kalau kat sini ada tempat macam tu. Yelah...Yong baru first time hantar Mika p boarding. Harap2 dia ok. Esok nak ambil dia. Rindu sangat dah ni!


  2. @THE DUO

    best kan???mungkin satu hari nanti ade jugak tmpt macam nie..INSYAALLAH...kite pon tak risau nak pergi bercuti boleh angkut anak-anak bulus sekali kan?? :D

  3. ada! hotel manusia 7 bintang pertama di dunia, juga di dubai - Hotel Burj Al Arab. 1 malam di bilik royal suite berharga lebih kurang RM57,798.00.. Mampu?? hehe


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