24 April 2011

Physical Symptoms of a Dying Cat

Cats face death far more calmly than people do, whether it is a sudden death or death from a prolonged illness or old age. The more you know the normal ways your cat eats, sleeps, lies down and walks about, the more easily you can see if your cat is dying.

Eyes - One pupil may be dilated and the other shrunk. The eyes may seem to be sunk back into the skull, which is a symptom of dehydration.

Fur - The cat's fur will seem to stick up and not lay as smoothly as usual. It may even start falling out in clumps.

Sleeping Habits - The cat will often want to sleep all of the time. Even cats hit by cars will often curl up to sleep as they lay dying.

Breathing - The cat may breathe loudly, have a hitch when inhaling or begin to wheeze. A gurgling sound tends to develop as the lungs shut down.

Spasm - The cat may begin a series of seizures before it dies. It may just have one spasm that jerks its entire body right at the moment of death.

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jom like!! =D


  1. betul semua tu cuma kdg2 bila bela byk sgt kucing kita terlepas pandang, mcm sy masa Mon sakit hati tu..perasaan pon dah lambat kesian dia, rasa bersalah sgt :(

  2. macamane plak kalo kucing kte kat umah dye mmg asek tdo jek.. xmakan sgt.. tp bile bg kuar, dye cam aktif jek.. so, dye pun da nak mati ke?? :(

  3. @meowwmania

    hmm...takper la asalkan mon dah sihat sekarang... =))

  4. @eja

    takde la macam tu..maksudnye die bosan duduk rumah nak keluar main2...kalau kucing nak mati die tak larat nak buat ape2 pon... =)))


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