23 April 2011

Symptoms Before a Cat Dies

As a pet owner, losing a pet can be extremely painful, however, it does happen. When you cat is getting older--or is sick-- there are symptoms to look for in order to know if her life is coming to an end.

Appetite - Check to see if your cat has been eating and drinking normally. At the end of her life, she may begin to refuse to eat.

Litterbox - Watch your cats bowel movements and urination for bleeding or straining.

Temperament - You cat may begin to act differently. She may become anxious or clingy-- whichever is opposite of how she usually acts.

Sleep - A dying cat may begin to sleep more frequently than normal. If your cat is a heavy sleeper to begin with, she may begin to sleep for days.

Weight - If your cat is dying, she may begin to lose weight. If she was a heavy cat, she may drastically lose weight, if she is a thin cat, she may begin to look like she is starving.

Vet - Once you notice any of these symptoms, write them down and take your cat to her vet. Get advice on how to handle her passing and how to make the process as easy and painless for your beloved cat.

p/s : gambar kat atas tue bukan kucing mati..yang tu die tengah tido..kucing saya dulu-dulu..lantai putih tu bilik lantai biru tu tandas...tengok betapa ngantuk nye die sampai tak kisah tido separuh-separuh macam tue.. =))

jom like!! =D


  1. I am so sorry. Did you lose a kitty?!?! I'm very sorry if you have! It's awful when you know it;s time to let your kitty go. Please take care

  2. @Old Kitty

    i'm just sharing information how the symptom when cat is previous cat of course is dead...but my two cats which is MOJA and BABY is still alive...

    Thanks for your care... =))

    p/s : sorry my English not so good..

  3. haha, kucing anis ade sekor memg suka tdo dlm toilet...dh la dia ada asma...suka ati je mna nk tdo..

    yg lost appetite ngan tdo byk 2 common...slalu psan...bla dh mula tnjuk mcm 2, naik rsau anis...huhu


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